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An AI-enabled cloud formulation lab for discovery teams to build formulations 10x faster & cheaper



Submit formulation experiments for our automation to build and get results back within days

High-Throughput Formulation Screening 

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Build up to 1000 formulations per month.

Try different formulations - liquids, depots, and microspheres. Vary any excipient and process parameters that you'd like and we'll ship it back to your lab (just like ordering DNA)

Drug Release Testing

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Choose your experiment conditions and let our robots perform drug solubility and release testing for up to 5 years

Method Transfer & Manufacturing Scale Up


Once your formulation is ready, we'll give you the automation to build it in-house or in your CDMO



01 /
Rapid Formulation
02 / 
& Scale-Up
03 / 
Stability Testing
  • Mix & match excipients, mixing rates, and process parameters

  • Drug load testing with Spectrophotometry

  • Size-Exclusion Chromatography with Refractive Index and DAD (SEC-HPLC)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Automated dissolution testing (in-vitro  release, IVR)

  • Gamma and Filter Sterilization

  • Pre- and Post- Sterilization dissolution testing

  • Scale up from mgs to kgs for animal studies

  • Predict, build, and test new formulations to meet PK targets

  • Accelerated aging

  • Pre- and post- aging dissolution testing

Test formulations 10x faster and cheaper with automation

Use less drug per test

Our high throughput screen uses 30 mg per test

Discovery teams have limited drug to work with. Use our lab to complete pre-formulation even if your material is limited.

Reduce CapEx and Labor costs with Cloud-based labs

We've bought all the equipment so you don't have to.

All you need is a scientist who can decide which formulation experiments to run and our robots will build, test, and give you back data

Use our AI-Copilot to fill gaps in formulation expertise

Use our AI to receive guidance on which formulation parameters to test

Our AI models have seen thousands of form
ulations and can 
arrive at answers faster that performing a traditional DoE.

You'll also have access to our formulation scientists 



Partners & Investors

Partners & Investors

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