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We complete PLGA microsphere
pre-formulation for clients in weeks,
not years



We'll build long-acting microsphere formulations for you and optimize drug release within weeks, using automation and machine learning

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High-Throughput Formulation Screening 

We build up to 500 microsphere formulations per month with different PVA, mixing rates, co-solvents, etc. for your API to optimize drug loading, morphology,  drug distribution & other parameters.

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Automated Drug Release Testing

We assay drug release from formulations for up to 5 years and provide you the critical material, process, and quality attributes for optimal formulations.


Method Transfer & Manufacturing Scale Up

We'll develop size-defined microspheres from mgs to kgs. If you'd like to utilize another formulation team for scale up, we can provide the target quality attributes (size, morphology etc.) to meet your requirements.



01 /
Rapid Formulation
02 / 
& Scale-Up
03 / 
Stability Testing
  • High throughput PLGA microsphere formulation

  • Drug load testing with Spectrophotometry

  • Size-Exclusion Chromatography with Refractive Index and DAD (SEC-HPLC)

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Automated dissolution testing (in-vitro  release, IVR)

  • Gamma Sterilization

  • Pre- and Post- Sterilization dissolution testing

  • Scale up from mgs to kgs for animal studies

  • Predict, build, and test new formulations to meet PK targets

  • Accelerated aging

  • Pre- and post- aging dissolution testing


We Formulate Client Drugs Faster

Formulation Optimization

Using automation, we can test more formulations simultaneously. We can quickly change polymers, mixing rates, co-solvents, and other properties which affect drug load and release.

With us, pre-formulation is fast.

Meet Drug Dissolution & PK Targets

We utilize machine learning and our automation to meet your in-vitro and in-vivo drug release targets fast.We can target 0th order release, multimodal release, and many other profiles.

Determine Critical Process, Material, and Quality Attributes

Because we test so many formulation parameters, we can quickly tell you what critical process, material, and quality attributes you need in order to scale up manufacturing.

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We can build a promising long-acting formulation
for your drug in 4 wks.

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